Sanctuary at Omega

April 10, 2010

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to deeply consider  joining me at the gorgeous and sacred Omega Institute next month in upstate New York for our next Beautiful Wound retreat: May 23-29.

This is an opportunity for those of you who are grappling with life-changing loss, and those who tend the hearts of others who have been broken open by grief, to explore the transformational power of love and longing in a safe, nurturing, and spectacularly beautiful environment.  This is YOUR time, a time-out from the stream of life, to speak and listen, sit in silence and walk in beauty, hear the teachings of the mystics, explore the landscape of your heart in writing, weep together, and yes… even laugh with other broken-open grievers who glimpse the grace behind the sorrow.

You can register at

Here’s the info:

The Beautiful Wound: Grief & Transformation

The 16th-century Spanish saint Teresa of Avila spoke of “the beautiful wound” of longing for God, describing this depth of suffering as a doorway to union with the divine.

Similarly, others through the ages have seen loss and grief as a spiritual blessing rather than a problem requiring a solution. In this workshop, guided by acclaimed translator and certified grief counselor, Mirabai Starr, we learn to see our own grief as fruitful fodder for transformation and spiritual growth.

Through contemplative reading, writing exercises, and guided meditation, we cultivate the tenderness and courage required to explore the places where our loss invites us into deeper aliveness and radiant joy.

This workshop is for those who have experienced life-changing loss, as well as mental health professionals and clergy who wish to “bear witness” to others on their journey of loss and grief.

Recommended reading: Starr (trans.), Dark Night of the Soul by John of the Cross; The Interior Castle and The Book of My Life by Teresa of Avila.Mirabai Starr, MA, is an adjunct professor of philosophy and world religions at the University of New Mexico. In addition to her acclaimed translations, Starr is also the editor of the Sounds True Saints Series, Devotions, Prayers & Living Wisdom, and contributor to a new Sounds True book, Living Fully, Dying Well.


2 Responses to “Sanctuary at Omega”

  1. carol-la sonam dorje said

    Again, I comment on your lovely, gentle blog.
    Thank you for the invitation to Omega. I am proud of you and your gift to broken-open souls, experiencing loss and grief.
    I will be in Lhasa, Tibet in May. (1st visit since Tsedor-la died) as my Tibetan friends and family suggest it is politically safer to visit.(for them and me)
    I will be visiting the Sky Burial site and his village and reconnecting with Tsedor-la’s spirit,
    now long past his Bardo period of time.
    I am going with the grace of letting go, the reality he is not there to greet me in his physical form and the grace that is seated in my soul that seeped in
    from past grief support groups (you facilitated) current groups Ted continues to facilitate, Golden Willow Retreat where I sought refuge and continuing couseling with Terry.
    Tu Chee Chee Thank you. Namaste, Carol-la

    • You are such a gift, Carol-la. Travel safely to the home of your heart, where I pray you will find deepening peace and renewed connection to the ever-living spirit of your soul-mate.

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